Monika & Daniel Rojewscy


Privately a married couple combining two strong personalities. Dancing couple since 2016 totally in love with Bachata. Out of passion and love for dance they created their place in the heart of Lodz #LatinDanceAcademy, where they share their dance knowledge on a daily basis. At weekends, they travel around Poland and Europe to spread their energy across hundreds of Bachateros 🙂 Strong, independent and… always smiling! Their style of dancing focuses mainly on closeness, naturalness and the genuineness of the emotions they convey. Their style is described as extremely fluid, delicate and 100% sensual.

Monika Sęk-Rojewska e is one of the most recognized and respected Bachata instructors in the country. Originally trained as a linguist, Monika dreamt of a career in journalism from an early age. However, her love and passion for dance took precedence over other aspirations, and for the past 5 years, Monika has fully dedicated her life to dance and her career as an instructor.

Her dance journey began at the age of 9 with modern dance. She then trained in street dance techniques, including being part of the dance formation Kabaret 130. At the age of 16, she was introduced to Latin dance techniques for the first time. While she has danced various styles, none captured her heart quite like Bachata. In 2015, Monika started on her career as a Bachata instructor, quickly gaining momentum. She is the founder of two successful and renowned dance groups for women, Las Estrellas and Rough Diamonds. Monika has also created countless choreographies for couples and soloists.

For her, the most important aspects of dance are lightness, emotions, communication, and aesthetics. Her dance style is often described as sensual, fluid, and feminine.
Daniel Rojewski is the founder of the Latin Dance Academy, an engineer with a master’s degree, and a certified pedagogue. He is a licensed dance and fitness instructor. Daniel developed a passion for dance in his childhood, starting with ballroom and modern dance. After a few years, he became captivated by dance techniques such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Afro. Bachata, especially the sensual style, holds a special place in his heart. He continuously strives to enhance his skills in this style, learning from top international instructors and promoting it on the Polish dancing scene. Daniel is a pioneer of Bachata Sensual in Łódź and has been an instructor since 2005.

He is the founder of successful dance formations including Amigos, Dance Mechanics, and Las Chicas, which have achieved recognition throughout Poland. During his classes, he emphasizes on technique, the well-being of his students, and a unique sense of humour.

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