Make history with us

Work with us! Surprise us with an idea that we haven’t thought of. The following products or services are interesting for our participants:

  • drinks, healthy snacks, supplements
  • clothing and shoes, towels
  • accessorize, jewellry
  • waist bags, anything to store cards and phone and keep on you while dancing
  • make up, haidresser, braids
  • massage
  • effective crossporomotion

Let us know!

How can you collaborate with us?

Become our vendor

Set up your shop at elSol. Expose your product or service to 600 people during 3 days and nights, total of 72hrs. Gain new customers aged 20-60 who share a common passion - love for dance.

Become our ambassador

Get discout for your friends, collect a group of 7 participants and get your VIP Pass for free! Multiply that by 2,5,10 or more! Sky is the limit!Get close connection to our team, obtain fresh news immediately before it is published!

Become our volunteer

Come and gain professional experience. Work with us for 14hrs and make most of the festival in the remaining time! You will learn: how to work under time pressure, how to deal with emergency situations and demanding customers and how how to organize world-class events.

Become our partner

Contact us if you have an idea how we could work together supporting each other's businesses. We love new connections in dance and in organization and business.

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