DJ Sergio


SERGI is a DJ and musical influencer with a background that reflects his experiences with other djs, social dancing and congresses. His love of music began at a young age with exposure to a diverse array of genres but it is with the salsa that she became ubiquitous.

He began as a guest dj in the different places to be in Paris. He continued his upward momentum by creating his own evening, the LeSalsa’Club party. This party became quickly one of the most famous salsa evening in Europe. The dancers around the world are coming there to meet the French salsa taste…

When he’s not in Paris, Sergi regularly tours across France and abroad – often appearing at high profile events in diverse locales such as Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Latvia and USA to name a few, since 2022 also el sol 🙂

Year after year, Sergi continues his work to maintain his role as an influencer in the salsa scene by taking risk on every events where he is scheduled. It’s impossible for him to fall into the easy way by proposing nothing new.

His collection grew quickly from CDs to vinyl. “A new way to listen to, greater harmonic richness, but especially the opportunity to get my hand on yet never digitized albums and therefore very little known.” No doubt that you will recognize easily the “Artist’s touch” through his creative musical selection.

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