elSol festival

spring editionfor those who want more...

The price of tickets will
increase in:

07-10.03.2025 Warsaw, Sound Garden Hotel Airport 


elSol spring edition Salsa & Bachata

More contact with the instructors, more intimate atmosphere, more in depth learning from the selected word’s top instructors. Only 600 participants, 20 years of experience.

elSol in a smaller version – so we can meet twice a year a cultivate our passion together more often for those who want more…

600 participants 
from 42 countries

Learn intensely and get better. Party till 6am with international top DJs. Meet the world dancing community, share our common love for latin dance and music culture. Experience cultural diversity, different backgrounds, exchange energy.

All in 1 : sleep at the hotel, eat together, make friends and dance. Repeat! For those who want more…

2 dance styles


Popularized in the 1960s salsa dance was primarily developed by Puerto Ricans and Cubans living in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. Different regions of Latin America (including countries in the Caribbean) and the USA have distinct salsa styles: Puerto Rican, NY, LA, Colombian, Cuban.

It is a latin dance where the leader takes the follower through a series of spins and turn patterns to music. (Partnerwork classes, spin classes) Salsa can also be danced solo (footwork, styling, shines, body movement). We differenciate 2 major dance styles: NYC and LA salsa are danced in a more linear way (we call this Crossbody Salsa), while Cuban and Colombian styles are danced in a more circular fashion.
At elSol spring edition you will experience mainly Salsa NYC style. That means “salsa on2” or “mambo”.

Salsa means power, energy, flow, musicality, speed, connection between the dancers and their individual connection with the music.


Bachata dance originated in the 1960s in the Dominican Republic. Its basic step is called Box Step and it is danced on a pattern of a square. Currently bachata is danced all over the world where everyone adds their own influence. Bachata has absorbed zouk, contemporary, salsa and street dance elements. The modern Bachata Sensual or Bachata Moderna basic version is is counted to 4 -3 steps and tap from one side to the other. In more a advanced version partners dance a lot of sensual moves including waves, head rolls, leadable body isolations wi as well as turn patterns and turns.

At elSol spring edition we bring to you mainly bachata moderna, bachata sensual and bachata fusion.

Only 21 carefullys selected artists.

We always bring a new name to Poland, in 2023: Jessica Quiles, Fadi Fusion, David&Ines, DJ Pablo G. We select specialists whose classes will make you progress.
Come and check for yourself!

New Town, New Home, New History

See you at the Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw

ul. Żwirki i Wigury 18, navigate in Google Maps

It is the ideal dancer's venue. 900 sq meters dance space. 2 dance rooms.

206 rooms at Sound Garden Hotel, 286 rooms across the streat in Novotel

All in 1 venue!

Modern design, restaurant & bar

950 meters from the Warsaw Okęcie Airport

Choose your comfortable accomodation nearby

Enjoy the luxury of sleeping in the dance venue or across the street.
We are recommending some hotels to keep you comfortable throughout the weekend.

Sound Garden Hotel

main venue - all in 1

Żwirki i Wigury 18,
02-092 Warszawa

Workshops, and parties – all in 1 location – Sound Garden Hotel.
Party, eat, sleep, repeat – ultimate comfort of an all in 1 event.

Use this special code to book your room with a discount:

Prices for elSol participants are:
– 396 – 441PLN per night for a sigle room with breakfast
– 576PLN per night for a double room with breakfast

Novotel Warszawa Airport

5 minutes walk
to the main venue

Katowice, Poland, 40-202
al. Roździeńskiego 16

Use “el sol” password to book: h0527-re@accor.com

Prices for elSol participants are:
– 380PLN per night single room with breakfast
– 450PLN per night double room with breakfast

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Set up your shop at elSol. Expose your product or service to 600 people during 3 days and nights, total of 72hrs. Gain new customers aged 20-60 who share a common passion - love for dance.

Become our ambassador

Get discout for your friends, collect a group of 7 participants and get your VIP Pass for free! Multiply that by 2,5,10 or more! Sky is the limit!Get close connection to our team, obtain fresh news immediately before it is published!

Become our volunteer

Come and gain professional experience. Work with us for 14hrs and make most of the festival in the remaining time! You will learn: how to work under time pressure, how to deal with emergency situations and demanding customers and how how to organize world-class events.

Become our partner

Contact us if you have an idea how we could work together supporting each other's businesses. We love new connections in dance and in organization and business.

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